The Make Up For Ever Summer Outlook is Bright

Meet the new Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams in #23, #24, #25 and #26, a.k.a. bright, brighter, brightish and brightest. And we’re guessing for some, scary and scaryish. We thought so too, at first. But let’s back up for a minute and talk about the Aqua Cream. So much more than a cream shadow, these are probably the most budgeproof — definitely waterproof — eye makeup product out there. The kind of makeup you want when you need your look to last all day. Likewise, a wise choice during a heat wave. The first rule in wearing bright, borderline neon, eye makeup is to make sure it is not going to slip off of your face and leave you looking like a clown. The second rule? Being open to wearing bright, borderline neon makeup.

#23 Acid Green, Bright lime green shimmer
#24 Yellow, Matte vibrant yellow
#25 Pastel Blue, Light blue shimmer
#26 Purple, Violet sheen

The shimmery green and blue are so pretty, right? How can you be scared of wearing those colors? A tip I learned from MUFE Artist Jodi Risely is to actually mix them together. They don’t turn ruddy, so instead of just having one or two colors you have a handful.

#25 Blue mixed with #23 Green (top); #26 (bottom)

The blue/purple combo reminds me so much of NARS Marie Galante!

What do you think of these new bright Aqua Creams?

3 thoughts on “The Make Up For Ever Summer Outlook is Bright”

  1. OMG These look amazing. I NEED that purple one in my life, SO PRETTY! Actually, In the picture, it looks a little like MAC Stars and Rockets – maybe it would be a good base for it?

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