Just Another Mani Monday: MAC Vivid Effect

While I was painting my nails with MAC Vivid Effect from the Reel Sexy collection, two deep thoughts popped into my head. One, this color reminds me of one of my Essie favs from last summer: Too, Too Hot; two, I could go for a big bowl of strawberries. Obviously, summer is on the brain. Too bad the weather isn’t there just yet. I think the Vivid Effect polish vividly paints a picture of summer. Some reds are deep and moody. Not Vivid Effect. It’s a red that screams summer — days at the beach, fresh strawberries, bike rides and sweating our butts off. Because, really, that’s what really happens in the summertime. Can that just get here already?! We’re ready for it. At least our nails are.

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