Duty Free Beauty: MAC Trip Phase II Collection

Next time you find yourself in an airport, do yourself a favor and step inside the Duty Free shop. You’ll find exclusive palettes and sets you can’t get at your local Sephora or department store. I was like a kid in a candy store when I stepped in to the Duty Free shop in the Paris airport. 🙂

MAC’s Trip Phase II collection features exclusive eye, lip and combination palettes and is available exclusively in airports for a limited time.  The lip palettes will be available from April to June and the eye and combination palettes will be available from April to August.

Classic Eye & Cheek Palette

  • Sweetness Beauty Powder
  • Lightfully Eyeshadow
  • Idol Eyes Eyeshadow
  • Print Eyeshadow

Cool Eyes Palette

  • Prismique Eyeshadow
  • Springtime Skipper
  • Water Nymph Eyeshadow
  • Knight Devine Eyeshadow

Cool Lips Palette

  • Mlle Lipstick
  • Pink Maribu Lipstick
  • Sprightly Lip Glass

MAC Trip Phase II also has a Neutral and Bronze Eye and Cheek combination palette as well as Neutral and Warm for eyes and lips (palettes seen here are Cool).

Damn! It’s too bad I don’t have any international trips planned in the new few months. If you find these in an airport, get some for me! 🙂 Keep reading to see the rest of the palettes and shades included in this collection.

Warm Lips Palette

  • Strange Hybrid Lipstick
  • Tempt Me Lipstick
  • En Pointe Lip Glass

Warm Eyes Palette

  • Whistle Eyeshadow
  • Da Bling Eyeshadow
  • Parfair Amour Eyeshadow
  • Leisuretime Eyeshadow
  • Casette Eyeshadow

Neutral Lips Palette

  • Expensivo Lipstick
  • Plastique Lipstick
  • Poetic License Lip Glass

Neutral Eyes Palette

  • Bisque Eyeshadow
  • Mineralism Eyeshadow
  • Say, Yeah Eyeshadow
  • Sable Eyeshadpow
  • Bateau Eyeshadow

Neutral Eye & Cheek Palette

  • Shy Beauty Beauty Powder
  • Sunday Best Eyeshadow
  • Girlie Eyeshadow
  • Agate Eyeshadow

Bronze Eye & Cheek Palette

  • Eversun Beauty Powder
  • Magic Dust Eyeshadow
  • Elite Eyeshadow
  • Smut Eyeshadow

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  1. If anyone is interested on both the Mac Trip Phase I and II let me know, I can get them for you. Paypal payment only.
    FYI: Neutral eye pallete is SOLD OUT but Face Palette in Bronze is available which is really close to neutral palette. Fluid line sets (has 2 fluid line, eyeliner brush(short handle) and a bag) and brush sets in basics and advanced are also available)

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