New from MAC for Spring

I went to my local MAC counter yesterday to play around for a little bit with the new Sundressing collection. I’ve been avoiding the counter but I’ve had Gold Dusk pigment in my head ever since I read Kristen’s post on it and I just had to try it. I thought it seemed a little similar to NARS Kilimanjaro duo (the icey yellow side) but only when using the pigment lightly. I’m going to have to buy this now. Thanks Kristen! 🙂

Macsundressing_2 Besides the gorgeous pigment, there is some great stuff in this collection. Right away, I was drawn to Pink Cabana lipstick. Look at how gorgeous this is… how can anyone resist this? A few of my other favorite items from this collection include the Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder and Languish Lip Glass. The powder has a shimmer to it that make it a great highlight and Languish could be the gloss equivalent of O lipstick (my favorite one).

What I did not like about this collection was the Softwash Grey pigment. I really hate it when companies, and MAC does do this quite a bit, release new products that look like their existing products. I know that’s just part of the business though. Just this year, they released a an eyeshadow shade called Overgrown that was almost exactly the same as Bitter (my favorite eyeshadow). Anyhow, MAC has a pigment named Blue Storm that seems a little similar to Softwash Grey, this new pigment is only slightly lighter. I’m still not sold on
Tanarama lipstick either. I’ll be passing on that one. If you’re interested in any of this, hurry… most of this collection is limited edition.

Liquidlastliner MAC has also released Liquidlast Liner. These liners are the liquid alternative to their Fluidlines (try using these as eye shadow base). They have some great colors available, Greenplay and Fushia-ism are going on my wishlist.

These liquid liners wear really, really well. I tried these on and then before bed, I washed my face. I had to break out the makeup remover to finally take this off.  Some colors do seem similar to the Fluidlines but some people may prefer the consistency of this product. It’s not as versataille as the Fluidlines but I do actually like that this is easier to apply… for me anyhow. The best part of this line is that it’s permanent so there’s no reason to race to the counter for it. I’d really love to see this line expanded, maybe incorporate some shimmer sort of like a mix of LiquidLast and Glitterliner. A girl can dream.

This week I will also give everyone a sneak peek into what else is in store from MAC this summer. There is definitely some great stuff ahead.

2 thoughts on “New from MAC for Spring”

  1. Oh, that gold dust pigment is really a nice color. I really need to learn more about using pigment and get me some of it! 🙂

    The colors in this collection may not be so “me” but it really is fun to see things in a set like this and see how they envision it being used. Thanks for the links!

  2. Ooh la love. Sucker for marketing alert, again, but that ad campaign with the modern mod blue eyeshadow has me near convinced I need pounds of shimmery black MAC eye shadow.

    Maybe I just need sleep.

    PS. I truly adore how thorough your reviews are. I’m getting hooked, though I’m much more a fashionista than beautynista

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