Shine Reigns in MAC's Sheen Supreme Lipstick

L-R: Full Speed, Tempation, Behave Yourself, Supremely Confident

Perhaps the greatest innovation to hit the beauty industry in the past year or so is the hybrid lipstick/gloss formula. Yes, we all love lipsticks and you know I love my gloss, but a girl needs one product to suit all of her needs, ya know? MAC has hopped on the fusion trend with the release of Sheen Supreme Lipstick, and is staying there. Sheen Supreme, available now in 14 shades, is a welcome addition to the brand’s permanent line-up.

L-R: Supremely Confident, Behave Yourself, Full Speed, Temptation

The formula is lightweight, not sticky in the least and nice and cushy on the lips. I find the Sheen Supremes to have the ideal mix of color and shine. I’m obsessed with Behave Yourself, a very mod pink. Full Speed definitely satisfies my coral curiosity and Temptation is one of the least intimidating reds I’ve encountered.

At $14.50 they are a more budget-friendly option than other variations in the market. And they are Back-2-MAC-able. Save your empties ladies!

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  1. Wow. I cannot wait to see these in person!! I almost wonder if they are too pigmented….hopefully will be able to check them out. Does anyone besides me find the MAC “counter” to be a bit intimidating? Seems like the dont want you to play….

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