MAC Prep & Prime Highlighters Do All of the Above

MAC expanded its Prep & Prime line with a few new additions in the Primed for Perfection launch earlier this month. It may be a small launch, but its a powerhouse in my opinion. I’m particularly liking the Prep and Prime Highlighter, a click pen-style highlighter that does just about anything you need it to. I think it veers into new territory and is quite a useful tool for my makeup bag. It’s a mix of primer, concealer, highlighter and can be used for all of the above and everything in between.

Radiant Rose (L), Light Boost (R)

There are three color options, and I’ve found a great match in the pinky Radiant Rose and yellow Light Boost. Both are probably intended for those with light-medium skin tones, but the other option Bright Forecast (not shown here) should have a broader range for dark skin types.

As you can see, these aren’t shimmery or what you’d consider a typical highlighter — which is why I love them. They do brighten the skin and add a touch of radiance, they just do so without the usual suspects of glimmer and shimmer. I like to use them 360 around the eye as a primer and a concealer. The Light Boost evens out any redness in my eyelids and provides a great base even if I’m not planning on layering makeup over it. They are the ultimate in multitasking, and are great for touch-ups.

At $23, these are an affordable alternative to other concealers/highlighters on the market. Bobbi Brown’s and YSL’s both come to mind and are upwards of $15-20 more. And a final piece of great news – these are a permanent addition to MAC’s collection!

2 thoughts on “MAC Prep & Prime Highlighters Do All of the Above”

  1. I had purchased the pink one and also the darker one, Bright Forecast. I saw some pics on the net that convinced me Bright Forecast would be too dark, so I was bummed. I went to try Radient Rose over the Vibrancy Eye and it was perfect. Just perfect. It took me three days to realize I had grabbed Bright Forecast by mistake. It is absolutely perfect for all my discolorations. A pleasant mistaken surprise! Anyway, love these products!

  2. This is cool. It definitely reminds me of Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch Touche Éclat highlighter. I will definitely be adding this to my kit!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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