New! MAC Peacocky Collection

MAC Peacocky hit counters this past week, and in addition to providing us with a new adjective, the collection features two brand-new products: Kissable Lipcolour and Mega Metal Shadow.

Arrogance or elegance? The showy display, the undeniably sexual spectacle, the iridescent irreverence…it’s awe-inspiring. We fetishize the exotic peacock as a symbol of extreme beauty, an act of elaborate nature, raging against everything simplistic. Peacocky fans out in a foray of intense colour for Lips and Eyes, exotic and sophisticated with a touch of ’30s F. Scott Fitzgerald glamour and mesmerizing metallic sheen. Dramatic doesn’t even begin to describe the girl who knows she’s Peacocky.

I think the collection description above gives me a better sense of how to use Peacocky in a sentence. Great word:) Here’s a rundown of the collection:

Light as a feather, Mega Metal Shadow($19.50)  gleams like chrome, with light-reflecting properties – yet creamy, crease-resistant, vitamin-fortified flexibility.

  • Peek-at-You – Frosted yellow white
  • Dalliance – Light champagne
  • Prance – Frosted mauve pearl (Product Girl fave!)

  • Top of the Posh – Frosted white pink
  • Tweet Me – Gold bronze
  • Mating Call – Dirty frosted violet

  • Odalisque – Deep teal
  • Sexpectations – Metallic burgundy
  • Paparazz-she – Deep copper bronze

  • Ego – Forest green
  • Noir Plum – True purple with silver pearl
  • Dandizette – Navy with silver pearl

  • Spectacle of Yourself – Deep bronze
  • Centre Stage – Frosted chocolate brown (Product Girl fave!)
  • Unflappable – Frosted black with purple pearl

The new Kissable Lipcolour ($18) combines full flash with creamy comfort. It’s molten, with elastomer technology and imparts a velvety, aerated feel without sacrificing shine.

  • Enchantée – Light blue pink
  • Woo Me – Light pinky nude (Product Girl fave!)
  • So Vain – Muted dirty coral (Product Girl fave!)
  • Vanity Fair – Mid-tone blue pink
  • Exxxhibitionist – Red-toned coral
  • Strut Your Stuff – Bright true red
  • Scandelicious – Blue fuchsia
  • Peacocky – Sky blue with red pearl
  • Super – Muted neutral brown
  • Temper Tantra – Mid-tone reddish brown
  • Flaunting It – Grey mauve
  • Love Peck – Blackened blood red

Overall, this is a pretty cool release that’s worth checking out. What’s everyone thinking about Peacocky?

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