MAC Cosmetics Venomous Villains: Evil Queen

Today’s all about MAC’s Venomous Villains! Next up is the Evil Queen. What’s going to be in your Venomous Villains haul?

Eye Shadow

  • Her Alter Image – light violet (veluxe pearl)
  • Vile Violet – deep dirty blue purple (matte)
  • Vainglorious – bronze burgundy (frost)


  • Toxic Tale – bright coral (satin)
  • Sinister – soft brown plum (lustre)


  • Strange Potion – soft coral pink
  • Hot House – deep raspberry with pink pearl

Powder Blush

  • Bite of an Apple – soft coral pink (matte)

Beauty Powder

  • Oh So Fair – clean pink with gold pearl

I have to admit, I’m loving these MAC character interviews so you’re going to see them all.
Let’s face it. Your apple idea was flawed as there was an antidote (true love’s first kiss). If you could do it over again, how would you eliminate Snow White?
I should have turned HER into that ugly old witch. Prince Charming finds her repulsive, I am the fairest, and she dies of a broken heart…  what could be more perfect?

You were known as a great beauty. Do any modeling in your youth?
Not much. I always found the mirror to be my worst critic.

What does your hair look like under that regal hood?
As black as night, as long as a winter’s wind, and far more stunning than a bob with a bow.

I suggest you ask another question.  After all, I am not known as the Good Queen.

Beauty staple?
Sinister – my signature shade – over full lips and a loyal mirror.

Favorite foods?
Apple pie and artichokes.

Known for?
Catch me on a bad day, and I can be a real witch.

Mood disorder?