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Since MAC is my first love, I thought I’d share some information on upcoming collections you will see at your local counter or store towards the end of summer and into fall. I’m really excited about it, there are some great things coming up and if you’re an eyeshadow fiend like me, you’ll love it.

Allure Before we get into this though, I want to give a shout out to all the ladies who are featured in the August issue of Allure. I only wish I could be in there with ya. Check them out:

And the story is mentioned on the cover, how great is that? If you’re interested in reading the story, you can find it here, here and here.

Avantgold_2Hyper Real Pressed Powder. It will add a sheer veil of color to your skin. While it does not have shimmer, it will add a glow to your skin.

Luckily the makeup artist at my counter loves me so I got to play with these yesterday. I’m already in love with these and I’m really looking forward to picking one up.

Avant_brushes I’m also really excited about these brushes that MAC is introducing. One of them is new, one of them is a repromote and the other is now here to stay. At the top is the brand new 184 Fan Brush, then there is the 187 Duo Fibre Brush (a personal favorite of mine) and finally, the 182 Buffer Brush. This brush was previously seen as part of the Beauty Icon: Catherine Deneuve collection but is now here to stay, as are the other brushes. You can find the SkinFinishes and the new brushes in stores later this week on July 27th.

Technicolor_eyeshadow The fun doesn’t stop there for this summer. Up next is the Technacolour collection and this drops on August 3rd. This is one of the collections that I am most excited about. Technacolour includes 9 velvet eyeshadows and 8 all new Technakohl eyeliners. For the eyeshadows, almost all of them are brand new except for Slip Pink which came out with January’s Lingerie collection. I love velvet shadows because they are so pigmented. Here’s a listing of the shades we can expect to see in stores (not in order):  Lightshade, Jeweltone, B-Rich, Zeal, Full Flame, Blue Edge, Pompous Blue, Peppier and Slip Pink.

Technicolor_eyeliner_1 As for the new Technakohl liners, these come in the following shades (not in order):  GraphBlack, Greyprint Brownborder, Earthline, Purple Dash, Auto-de-blu
Smoothblue, Uniform and Jade Way. These new liners are wax based and are expected to last 6-8 hours. They also contain antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. In addition to all this colorful goodness, MAC is also releasing Plushglass. After years of waiting, they have finally completed a lip plumper. This will also be in stores on August 3rd.

Untamed_quads For a big finish in August, MAC has two collections coming out on August 24th. The first is Untamed and the second is Rockocco. I have some photos of items in Untamed but not from Rockocco at this point, maybe I will in a few weeks. Untamed will feature 2 eyeshadow quads, 5 new lipsticks, 4 new glosses and 2 powder blushes.

I’m looking forward to the quads a bit more than anything else… I think I have my share of MAC lipstick and gloss. Although, this top quad has caught my eye. It includes all new colors, there’s Tickles, Restless, Bravado and Take Wing. As for the other palette, there is at least one remote in there. There’s Well-Plummed, Shroom, Espresso and Courage.

As for the lipstick, there’s Blankety, Unflappable, Roam Free, Instinctive and Wild ‘Bout You. For the lipglass side of things, you can look forward to Truth & Light, Poetique, La La Libertine and Boldheart. Finally, for the blushes, look forward to Taupe and Stray Rose.

Untamed_lipstick Rockocco also has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. I already have a list of things I’d love to get my hands on. This collection will include 3 lipsticks: Overdone, Rockocco and Gel (repromote). It will feature 2 Lipglasses in Elaborate and Pure Vanity, 1 pigment named Accent Red, the introduction of Ostentatious Fluidline and a new iridescent pressed powder in Star. I’m saving my money for the pigment, fluidline and iridescent pressed powder. I only wish MAC didn’t unleash all this on us within such a short time frame, there’s only so much money a girl can spend on makeup… which will it be? Rent or makeup?

Finally, September does have a lot of goodies in store for us as well. Most exciting of all is the release of a new Viva Glass lipstick and gloss. Look for this to hit stores on September 7th. MAC will also release MAC for Zandra Rhodes on the same day. This collection will feature some a new eyeshadow, other re-promoted eyeshadows, new Z gloss and a few lipsticks. This collection coincides with the designer’s return to the runway after a 20 year absence.

Also, on September 28th, MAC will release two collections: Out Loud and Lip Varnish. Out Loud is a collection with new mascaras and liquid liners and Lip Varnish is a collection with new lip products. All of this should serve to get us good and ready for October’s Studio Mist. Enough about MAC for today though, I’ll share more details on Studio Mist later.

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  1. Oh my GOD!!!! I can’t wait!!!! Of course, I don’t believe there’s such a thing as *enough* MAC lipglass. I cannot walk past the MAC store without buying something, I swear. (You *do* get the PRO discount, don’t you?)

    Between this and the upcoming Bobbi Brown holiday collections, I’ll be flat broke!

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