Sweetie Cake: Like Candy for Your Face

Sweetiecake MAC Cosmetics is coming out with a new line in April called Sweetie Cake. For die-hard addicts like me, this collection could really put a dent in my wallet.

This collection features a new eye shadow quad in gorgeous  new shades, four new eyeliners with a special sparkle, two brand new nail lacquers, three lip gloss pots, four mouth watering new Lipglass shades and best of all: three brand new pigments.

Most exciting aspect of this new collection? For me, I’d have to say the quad, pigment and eyeliner. Collections come out with new lip products all the time but colorful goodness for your eyes? Not as much… The eyeliners in particular give off a sparkling effect due to the pearlized particles in the pencil. When you factor in the three new pigment shades, that just spells trouble.

If you love MAC as much as I do, be sure to snap these items up as soon as possible. It’s not unheard of for particular pieces to sell out within a week, the eyeshadow quads especially. Those sell out really fast. Be on the lookout for this to appear in stores early to mid April.

Thanks to the Specktra Forums for the scoop on this new collection!

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2 Responses to “Sweetie Cake: Like Candy for Your Face”

  1. Elise says:

    I just learned about my skin type from “The Skin Type Solution” by Leslie Baumann, that I need a foundation containing soy. Does anyone know any products?

  2. Elise- you can visit my site http://www.DrBaumann.com to ask others of your skin type what products they prefer. Also, look in my book and you will see lists of products that are right for your skin type at all price points. If you still have questions, you can email me at DrBaumann@www.DrBaumann.com

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