Presenting the Stylistics

It sounds like the name of a band but MAC Cosmetics Stylistics collection is a very luxe release. Remember last year’s Couture collection? The Stylistics is this year’s higher end product line with distribution limited to MAC freestanding stores only. I love the vibe this collection has, a very stylish and hip design… if I drank I’d be putting on my party dress on and toasting martinis.

MAC Cosmetics The Stylistics Collection
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This collection includes 4 lipsticks in In Vogue, Soft Pout, Stylistic and The Scene, 4 glosses in Coversational, Witty, Tastemaker and Hyperchic, pressed powder in Solitaire, Warm Ice, Pave and Fashionette, mystery powder in Model Chic, Lighthearted and Dark Secret, 3 special edition brushes (316, 224 and 129), a gorgeous Stylistics clutch and Air of Style scent concentrate.

If last years collection was any indication, this collection is going to be amazing. As a lover of all things highlighting, I’m really looking forward to the Sheerspark Pressed Powders but I’m also very intrigued by the Sheer Mystery Powders and Air of Style. MV1 is my favorite MAC fragrance but with notes of white pepper, dates, tuberose, orange flower, jasmine, precious woods, leather, vetiver, amber crystals, ylang ylang and orris, this will be interesting.

You can find The Stylistics in stores on November 21st or head down to your local store to reserve yours now. Once these are gone, they are gone.

One thought on “Presenting the Stylistics”

  1. I’m a fan of all MAC limited edition collections (when it sells out, no one can copy my look and the product seems that much more special if no one else can have it!) but I’m not sure if I like anything out of this collection! The lipsticks and lipglosses are so severe looking…and I don’t get the powders, are they all over face powders or just highlighters/bronzers?

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