New Slimshines!

While you’re checking out Fafi, go check out the new Slimshine shades. MAC has brought us seven new shades and brought thirteen more back to stores and they are now all permanent.

MAC Cosmetics Slimshines

Here’s what’s in this release:

Think Tan: Deep reddish brown with gold (frost)
Assertive: Rusty brown with gold pearl (frost)
Voile: Canary yellow with gold pearl (frost)
Missy: Creamy pastel coral (cream)
Grenadine: Creamy deep blue red (cream)
Rock Out: Clean bright blue pink with gold pearl (frost)
Intimidate: Creamy plummy pink (cream)
Bare: Light neutral pink with subtle gold pearl (frost)
Pleasing: Mid-tone violet with red and gold pearl (frost)
Long Stem Rose: Light baby pink with subtle gold pearl (frost)
Scant: Mid-tone dirty plum with gold pearl (frost)
Mousse: Mid-tone caramel brown (cream)
Lovey-Dove: Mid-tone terracotta with subtle bronze pearl (frost)
Prudeaux: Dark rich burgundy plum (cream)
Ultra-Elegant: Light neutral beige (cream)
Funshine: Shimmery soft apricot pink (frost)
Urgent!: Classic mid-tone red (frost)
Cocoamour: Neutral cool brown with matching pearl (frost)
Most Wanted: Intense purplish-red with metallic golden shimmer (frost)
Gaily: Softmid-tone berry pink with pearl (frost)

I caved on Bare and Ultra Elegant even though they are a little similar. Do you have some of these already? What do you think? I passed on this when they were first introduced and I’ve yet to crack open the ones I got.

5 thoughts on “New Slimshines!”

  1. i just ordered ‘scant’ in the hopes that it resembles my long-lost favourite colour of all-time ‘curiositease’, (which i have been procuring from ebay for the last couple of years).

    fingers crossed…

  2. Since these are now part of the permanent collection I can wait a little bit before I cave and get: Scant, Assertive, and Prudeaux! 🙂

  3. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I heard these were being brought back. I first found Bare in Washington DC and became obsessed with it when I found out it was a limited edition. So I’m really happy they’re back. I love the texture and how they look so sleek.

  4. i wanted a new lippie so i checked these out and got voile and bare. ultra elegant was on the radar, but i chose bare instead 😉

  5. I have Long Stem Rose. I love it! The color is beautiful and the texture is great. It glides on so lovely.

    The only thing is, I opened mine up the other day and it had melted! I hope a little refrigeration will cure this.

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