MAC Rushmetal

MAC Cosmetics Rushmetal Collection To end our week of upcoming MAC Cosmetics collections, meet Rushmetal, the next wave of metallic glam. To be released along with Flashtronic on August 6th, this collection includes eight limited edition pigments and four lipsticks finished to reflect each gold tinged pigment. The shades include:

  • Rushmetal: a rich copper sparkle.
  • Revved-up: an icy rose with reflects.
  • Gold Mode: a tan gold.
  • Mauvement: a cool taupe with gold pearl.
  • Off The Radar: a warm orange with gold sparkle.
  • Copperized: an olive green with gold pearl.
  • Quick Frost: a creamy white with soft green pearl.
  • Cocomotion: a dirty gold with olive undertone and gold sparkle.
  • Thrills: a rosy copper with gold pearl.
  • Frenzy: a soft muted pinky-peach beige with golden shimmer.
  • Soft Lust: a tan with white pearl.
  • Fast Lane: a mauve with silver pearl.

2 thoughts on “MAC Rushmetal”

  1. Am I the only one who thinks that MAC actually has too much going on? I mean, it’s definite not enough to have a new story once per season. But, I can’t keep all of their stories straight right now, and I am obsessive about this stuff. Doesn’t anyone agree?

  2. I agree. But I suppose that’s part of their marketting strategy. I enjoyed the info. provided and I was wondering if anyone has found a makeup line similar to Mac’s? I love the makeup but I feel like I have bought all the colors that I could possibly use with my skin tone. I have bought other lines, but so far, nothing comes close. I don’t want to spend more of my money on sub-par eye shadows that do not hold up to MAC. Any advice, experiences?

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