MAC Cosmetics Rose Romance Collection

Normally a collection full of pink hues would not be my thing but MAC’s Rose Romance collection is hitting counters this Thursday and it includes a few products I’m really looking forward to seeing in stores… new lip stains! Not only are there new lip stains but there’s also a new gel blush. Maybe if this one is a success, we can hope to see more gel blushes from MAC… a girl can hope, right?


Colour and style bloom in A Rose Romance, our lovely new colour collection inspired by the rose, an enduring Icon of Love. Spring buds blush in fragrant new hues when our newest blush, Just A Pinch Gel, debuts. Our existing Fix + is imbibed with natural Rose water to create Fix + Rose, a refreshing finishing mist and skin refresher. our bring-back favourite fragrance, Creations Hue: Dejarose, whispers anew.



  • Way to Love – creamy light yellow pink
  • A Rose Romance – mid-tone pink with gold pearl
  • Odyssey – spiked-up plum



  • Virgin Kiss – sheer pale pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Steal My Heart – sheer bright pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Magnetique – frosted violet fuchsia



  • Loving Touch – sheer pearly light pink
  • Tender Tryst – sheer pearly plum
  • Secret Crush – sheer red berry



  • Of Summer – frosted light dirty mauve
  • Et tu, Bouquet? – frosted pale pink gold
  • Creme de Violet – vivid pinkish-violet flecked with gold shimmer
  • Silverthorn – mid-tone gray with silver pearl
  • Shadowy Lady – darkly veiled plum



  • Circa Plum – frosty dirty mid-tone lavender
  • Mutiny – clean sky blue with gold pearl



  • Just a Pinch – sheer red pink tint



  • Blush of Youth – clean pink with gold pearl
  • Summer Rose – soft violet pink with pearl



  • An aqua-spritz of vitamins and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the scent of 100% natural rose water. Adds radiance, finishes makeup.



  • Love & Friendship – creamy dirty mid-tone lavender



  • A striking bouquet of lush Bulgarian, Turkish and Tea red roses is ruff led with dewy watery and luminous green nuances. Velvety petals of exotic orchid, lily, jasmine and peony are teased with a hint of crimson red raspberry and the gentle texture of pink pepper. The interplay of light and dark woods, weathered teak contrasting with patchouli, adds to the intensity, while hypnotic incense vapours and amber crystals lend a sense of intrigue and allure to this sensuous creation.

So now you’ve seen what’s in this new Rose Romance collection. I’m snagging all the stains (just have to!), the gel blush, Fix + (I love the original, it’s going to be even better with rose water) and Mutiny pigment. What’s on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Rose Romance Collection”

  1. Since I’ve already snuck a peek at this lovely collection, I’ll just put it out there.
    The shadows and lipsticks are pretty blah, emphasis on pretty because well, they are… but not that exciting. I was highly disappointed by the lipstains, the light pink is so light it doesn’t show up, the midtone is like a gel version of Benetint and the dark is just too dark for someone pasty like me. The Beauty powders are pretty, but not that exciting.
    I do, however, LOVE the gel blush. It went on smoothly and gave me a really natural looking flush, I can’t wait to see what it looks like on other skin tones! The pigments are gorgeous, of course, I’ll be grabbing both since I missed mutiny last summer with the naughty nauticals collection.

  2. I stopped by the MAC counter during my lunch hour today and picked up the A Rose Romance lipstick, Secret Crush lipstain, the gel blush, and the nail lacquer. I agree with Whitney that the lip stain is very similar to Benetint, but I like the feel of this one much better, after wearing it for 5 hours my lips still looked great, not at all dried or cracked like they can with other brands of lip stains. The lipstick is a fabulous bright pink, great for summer, especially since I am feeling a little addicted to pink lips right now. I did my nails this evening when I got home and I am in love with this new lacquer!!! I decided to skip the shadows, none of them wowed me once I was at the counter. I may go back to pick up one of the beauty powders as well as the lighter lip stain.

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