Paint Your Eyes

There’s nothing I love more than makeup that pulls double duty. MAC Paints are amazing on many levels. First of all, the product packaging really looks like professional watercolors – from the screw off top, to the nozzle that dispenses the perfect amount of cream eye shadow base, Very cute.

MAC Paints I’ve been loving a shade called Bare Canvas for the past two weeks. It’s a light beige color that blends into and evens out the coloring on my lids. When I’m in a hurry I swipe it on, add mascara and am out the door. With more time, I layer powder shadow and liner on over the Paint, which helps the rest of my eye makeup last all day long. I’ve even started applying it as a base to my lips before putting on lipstick; it helps my lipcolor apply more evenly and last longer.

MAC Paints
come in a variety of colors, all of which stand alone or add dimension to eye makeup layered over them. You’re going to want to make room in your makeup bag for this one.