A Novel Idea

Also a part of the Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale extravaganza is MAC’s Novel Twist collection. It may not come across as well in pictures but the design for the bags and compacts is adorable. The bags features what seems to be some sort of knit and the compacts feature fabric that resembling denim, both using string to create an abstract design.

MAC's Novel Twist Collection
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There are 4 lip palettes, 2 eye palettes, 2 brush sets, 2 Pearlizer sets, 2 beauty powders (not pictured), 2 blushes (not pictured) and 1 lip gloss (not pictured). All are either repromoted shades or limited edition. The collector will love these cute palettes and bags. If I were to suggest one thing, I’d say pick up the basics brush set. It includes my favorite brush, the 224. It’s rarely seen in brush sets. You can order pre-order products from this collection now.

2 thoughts on “A Novel Idea”

  1. Ordered the Cool Eye Palette and the Pink and Plum Lip Palettes, along with the eye pots. Didn’t know about the Nordstrom’s exclusives until I read this blog. I thank you (but my credit card is a little bitter…)!!!

  2. Question for ya,
    Do you have an idea of what the two pearlizers are for? Is it just an all-over glow? Do these tend to be glittery? Thanks-a-buch!

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