My Favorite Time of Year: Pt. 1

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale My favorite time of year is almost upon us, the fabulous extravaganza that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Every year Nordstrom asks their different brands to create something special just for them and that is my absolute favorite part of the sale, checking out all of the Beauty Exclusives they will be featuring. Every year I make a list of the things I’ll definitely be picking up and the things I’d like to pick up… the two don’t always get along. Here are my picks for this years Beauty Exclusives from MAC Cosmetics.

MAC Cosmetics Colour Forms Warm Eyes Palette Every year I tell myself I can have one palette from MAC, since I’m a bit of a collector. This year my choice is the their Colour Forms Warm Eyes palette. I’ve swatched the colors in person and they are right up my alley, they are all shades I can imagine using on a regular basis. I was a little surprised that MAC went a little low key with their Anniversary release this year. The palettes and brush sets have a minimal design in comparison to previous releases but sometimes minimal is good. I have to say, I’m still a little confused on this one though… the images make it seems as if the shades are all one big brick of color. When I saw these in person, it didn’t appear that way. Maybe the display versions were just set up that way? Either way, this one coming home with me for sure.

MAC Cosmetics Colour Forms Basic Brush Set This item is not coming home with me but only because I already own all these brushes in their full size. If I didn’t, I’d be snapping MAC’s Colour Forms Basic Brush set. It’s the perfect brush starter set because it contains the essential brushes, the ones every gal should have. It features the 129 SE, 190 SE, 224 SE, 242 SE and 266 SE brushes. What I like about this set is that MAC is finally starting to feature 224 SE brush in their sites, this is a great eye brush. This set also features a trendy little red nylon bag in addition to the bag the brushes come in. When someone asks me about starting to buy their own brushes, I always tell them to wait for MAC to come out with a set.

MAC Cosmetics Colour Forms Richmetal Highlighter This product had me at hello, I am the most excited about picking up these little gems. This is MAC’s Colour Forms Richmetal Highlighter. It’s a metallic cream to powder highlighter that is packed with shimmer. My friend and I swatched these highlighters and were amazed at how rich they were, just a little dab and we had plenty to work with. This product is buildable so you can create a look as intense as you would like. I’m told that these do not crease on you like the cream eyeshadows from Metal X so you can use them on your eyes if you would like. Now my only decision will be which ones to take home!

You can pre-order all of these items now or pick them up in person this Friday.