Summer Beauty: MAC Cosmetics Naked Honey Collection

Since I’m obsessed with honey (thanks to Kelly I know have it with greek yogurt), I have been looking forward to this collection’s release for awhile and now the MAC Cosmetics Naked Honey collection is finally here!


Even though the colors are gorgeous (hello, Queen Bee!), I’m not so interested in the makeup with this collection. I’m all about the body products and perfume this time. I’ve been hearings raves about the salve that is on my list for sure and I’m getting back-ups. Finally, I’m dying to smell the new perfumes…these are right up my alley.

Here is what’s in this collection:


She’s a Star – Light neutral gold
Queen Bee – Mid-tone apricot w/ multi-dimensional pearl
Buzz – Dark copper brown w/ multi-dimensional pearl


Crème de Miel – Frosty light yell ow gold
Polinator – Mid-tone warm reddened peach w/ pearl
Buckwheat – Dark copper brown w/ multi-dimensional pearl


Golden Nectar – Muted golden tan with gold shimmer
Honey Light – A light peachy gold with shimmer


Naked Honey Skin Salve
Naked Honey Hand and Body Cream
Naked Honey Body Wash


Africanimal – honey with a dash of pepper, bergamot and wood
Naked Honey – light floral and woodsy notes with an electric finale

What are you picking up from the Naked Honey collection? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Summer Beauty: MAC Cosmetics Naked Honey Collection”

  1. I just picked up Crème de Miel eyeshadow! It is just gawgus. Looks like it will be a wonderful highlighter for the brows and corner of the eyes.
    I very excite! LOL

  2. The Naked Honey Collection is amazing– and has such a sultry add! I own a gloss and shadow, and both of them are such a great and natural color. My friends are always asking where I got my lip color from, which means I’m not the only one loving this collection– Thanks MAC!

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