MAC Cosmetics Nail Trend F/W '09

MAC Cosmetics collaborated with Jin Soon, the much sought-after nail guru, to create the Nail Trend F/w ’09 collection. It includes 6 shades of nail polish exclusive to MAC for the fall. One of the shades, Beyond Jealous, is the green shade seen on models nails at the Doo.Ri Fall/Winter 2009 show.


I’m loving these shades… especially Dance All Night, you know, because it’s red. 🙂 Since my nail biting habit has been nipped in the bud, I’m sporting color on my nails more than ever and these bold hues are fantastic. Dry Martini also has a special place in my heart. I’m not the green fanatic my friend Michelle is, but I’ve developed an appreciation for them. Colors in this collection include:

  • Cool Reserve – dirty grey lavender
  • For Fun – rich clean purple
  • Dance All Night – brick red
  • Beyond Jealous – blackened blue green
  • Dry Martini – khaki olive green
  • Rich, Dark, Delicious – rich blackened brown

So what shade have you picked up? I’m not too wild about browns in general so I passed on that but I have no problem with the rest of the shade. Let me know what you picked up in the comments.

6 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Nail Trend F/W '09”

  1. those bottles looks sorta frosted….I think the greenish color would be better if it was a tad but darker.

    from the picture I like Dance all Night, and Rich Dark Delicious. But I don’t see myself liking a brick red, i usually need blue reds so for sure not an online purchase! =)

  2. Ooh I love Beyond Jealous (er, if that’s the one on the bottom left..)! I’ve been relly into bright colors lately but I’m starting to get into the darker ones again, and that is most definitely a beautiful polish!

  3. Not sure about the Dry Martini with my skin tone…..but the rest of the colors are totally hot! I really like the brick the red! Fun colors!

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