N is for Naked

Is it possible to get MAC’d out? I don’t think so. I could eat, drink and play with MAC and still want more. With that in mind, it’s a good thing that a new collection hit stores today. The new N collection is features color and face products.

MAC Cosmetics N Collection
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Oooohh… and I’ve only seen the product shots so far but I’m just as excited about this collection as I am about the Originals. I’ve been all about the neutral shades lately and this collection has a ton of that, in the lipstick, gloss, shadows and new Paint Pots! The nail polish shades are pretty interesting as well. This might just inspire me to post a FOTD sometime soon.

MAC Cosmetics N CollectionLipstick
1N – Light frosted gold with pink pearl
2N – Creamy light pink
3N – Milky pastel pink
4N – Mid-tone creamy brown
5N – Plummy sheer brown

1N – Creamy white tan
2N – Creamy neutral yellow pink
3N – Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl
4N – Light chocolate brown with red pearl

Nanogold – Sheer yellow beige with pink pearl
Modest Tone – Neutral dirty tan
Neutral Pink – Dirty mid-tone blue pink
Rich Flesh – Neutral warm brown
Remotely Grey – Dirty grey brown
Dark Edge – Dirty chocolate brown

Paint Pots
Soft Ochre – Yellow beige
Quite Natural – Dirty chocolate brown
Groundwork – Mid-tone Neutral taupe

Cremestick Liners
Creamola – Low-down tan
Sublime Culture – Pink caramel fusion

Technakohl Liners
Graphblack – Richest graphic-black
Brownborder – Deep chocolate brown

Nail Lacquer
N Colour – Creamy beige
Demi-Blanc – Gold beige with green pearl
Naturally Rich – Milk chocolate

3 thoughts on “N is for Naked”

  1. Personally, I’m bored by this collection. I usually look to MAC for their great colors and I really don’t use neutrals too much, I usually have my eyes done a color or my lips. But this is a good follow-up to Originals which had some out-there colors. I’m going to pick up Parrot eye shadow and Nico Now LipGlass at Macy’s tomorrow, I hope they still have it! (Limited stores that carry MAC in my area.)

  2. I love MAC and the N collection is awesome. Sometimes you want to be able to do a nude look and still feel glamorous, and the N collection makes it possible. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this.

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