Heavy Metal X

Not only do you have The Stylistics to look forward to on November 21st but the Metal X collection will also be released on that day. It features 9 all new cream shadows and 5 glitter eyeliners.

MAC Cosmetics Metal X I haven’t gotten my hands on this collection yet but I’m hoping that these new cream shadows will be like Paint Pots only with a more intense metallic look, we’ll just have to wait and see though. I’m imagining that they will be what Cream Color Bases should have been; multi-purpose eyeshadows without the sticky finish. These cream eyeshadows feature a new combination of waxes that help them go on smoothly and blend well so they can be used anywhere. Shades include:

  • Virgin Silver: white with silver pearl.
  • Pure Ore: metallic green gold.
  • Goldspice: metallic coppery gold.
  • Fusion Gold: light pinky beige with gold pearl.
  • Pink Ingot: mid-tone blue pink with gold pearl.
  • Metalblu: navy blue with silvery pearl.
  • Cyber: metallic silver with silver pearl.
  • 6th Sin: forest green with silver pearl.
  • Plum Electric: deep purple with red pearl.

MAC Cosmetics Metal X I’m thinking that I may need to add a few of these to my wishlist! As for the glitter eyeliners, the colors remind me of the previous incarnations of glitter liners. Judging by the pictures the shades seem pretty similar to shades like Saucepot, Silverspun or Glamour Gold but we’ll have to wait and see on that as well. Shades include:

  • Blitzed: yellow gold with multicolour glitter.
  • Wonderwhite: silvery white with multicolour glitter.
  • Enbronze: deep brown with multicolour glitter.
  • Pewterpink: blue purple with multicolour glitter.
  • Lime Dandy: mid-tone yellow green with green glitter.

For those of us in the US, isn’t this a great way to ring in the holiday weekend?

2 thoughts on “Heavy Metal X”

  1. I tend to stay away from “cream” eyeshadows because I have oily skin and my eyeshadow tends to crease (yes, I prime first) but hopefully these will be different because the colors are gorgeous and I love metallics!

  2. Has MAC EVER put out this many collections in this short a time? I’m getting dizzy (and broke) over here!

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