Matte Lipstick Reinvented

If I had to pick a favorite type of lipstick, it would be a matte lipstick. The colors I first purchased when I fell in love with MAC oh so many years ago were matte. Today a new collection with 16 new matte lipsticks named Mattene was released and it’s a matte lover’s dream.

MAC Cosmetics Mattene Lipstick This new lipstick shares only one similarity with this summer’s earlier Slimshine release, the same slimline shape to the tube. When I first tried this lipstick, I loved how it just glided onto my lips. The color on my lips didn’t feel heavy at all yet delivered all the color punch of a traditional thicker and heavier lipstick. This new lipstick didn’t dry out my lips either, they were not super moist but much more comfortable than most matte formulas. And the wear… oh the wear. I was very happy with how long this lipcolor lasted, it practically stains the lips. When I first tried this lipcolor, I put it on at 8am. I had some breakfast, sipped my way through 2 lattes and had lunch. When I got home 8 ½ hours later, I still had color on my lips. Granted, it was not in full force but enough that I did not feel the need to re-apply color.

This collection has some really fun colors. It’s got your everyday shades and ramps it up with more vibrant shades. I’ve been wearing Composure (a neutral bronze plum) for the past week but I’ve played around with Classic Dame (a blood red) and Immodest (a bright magenta) a bit. Immodest is definitely a vibrant shade but not for the faint of heart. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Matte Lipstick Reinvented”

  1. I’m so wearing Rougette right now!! I have it all over my Starbucks’ cup, but there’s still so much left on my lips, haha. Long wearing indeed.

  2. ack! I so want those lipsticks. like. all of them. I don’t care if they look good on me or not. and if I got the lip brush that Ben posted on…I’d SO be in the money.

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