MAC Cosmetics for the Holidays 2008

Every year MAC addicts all over look forward to MAC’s holiday collections every year. I always enjoy seeing what shades are being grouped together, what brushes are going to be each set and most of all, the design of the packaging. I think I look forward to seeing the packing most of all. It’s what keeps me buying palettes and brushes I already have. Let’s take a look at what’s new this year.

MAC Cosmetics Passions of Red MAC Cosmetics Little Darlings MAC Cosmetics Adoring Carmine

These eyeshadow and lip palettes are part of the Passions of Red collection. Each eyeshadow palette consists of smokey, cool, warm and classic eyes. The lip palettes are organized in the same way with shades in plum, cool pink and coral tones. I’m always drawn to the smokey eye palette even though it’s a look I rarely do!

MAC Cosmetics Passions of Red Eye Palettes
MAC Cosmetics Passions of Red Lip Palettes

These are adorable little sets are part of the Little Darlings release. Until we had a MAC store in Seattle, this was my favorite part of the holiday releases mainly because of the pigments. The stores here never carry pigments unless it’s part of a specific collection so this was always a good way to collect more colors. This collection features 2 sets of pigments and glitters in cool and warm tones, 1 set of Softsparkle pencils and 3 sets of Lipglass/Lustreglass glosses in neutral, coral and pink tones.

MAC Cosmetics Little Darlings Eye Sets MAC Cosmetics Little Darlings Lip Sets

Finally, these brush sets and lip sets are part of the Adoring Carmine collection. The brush sets are organized by basics, face and eye brushes. These brush sets are also great for those just starting out with a brush collection because in one set you have the most essential brushes. Don’t forget that these sets are also good for travel. As for the lip sets, each one features 2 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss in red, rose and neutral tones all in their own little red bag.

MAC Cosmetics Adoring Carmine Brush SetsMAC Cosmetics Adoring Carmine Lip Sets

It goes without saying that any one of these would make a great gift. I think I may pick up the face brush set, just to have a mini 187 brush I can carry in my purse. I think I’m also going to pick up the Classic eyeshadow palette, the light blue and greeen are calling out to me. How about you? What do you have your eye on?

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