Bat Your Lashes

I thought I’d share my thoughts on this first experience with lashes with all of you. Until recently, I had been afraid of false eyelashes. Now I know this was really foolish, the results were amazing and I’m now extremely interested in false lashes.

This wasn’t something I did on my own. I went to my local MAC Cosmetics store and asked an artist to do my eyes. We played with Matte² shades Fig. 1, Post Haste and Blanc Type. It may sound bold but it was gorgeous, it was like a pink sunset on my eyes. After a coat of mascara, it was time for the lashes. After assessing how adventurous I wanted to be, we settled on a pair of 34’s. They are tapered at the ends, or inner corners of the eye, so they are a bit more comfortable to wear. Now for the application…

MAC Cosmetics Lashes 34 The artist took the lashes and molded them into a half oval for a bit. She did this in order to make the lashes more flexible. After applying a coat of mascara to my real lashes, she started placing the glue on the false lashes. To prevent using too much glue, she suggested using a q-tip. By dabbing some glue on the stem of the q-tip then taking it and tracing the bottom of the lashes, you have just enough glue. White glue is most commonly used since it dries clear but Duo also makes a dark glue. It can add more definition to your eyes as it dries. Then she placed the lashes right at the lash line and we were done.

While it was a bit awkward at first, the longer you wear the lashes the more normal they seem to feel. At first, I was really fighting back at my watering eyes. My eyes seem to water at everything so I’d place myself on the very sensitive end of the spectrum but those of you with more resistance shouldn’t have the same problem. With proper care, your lashes can last 3 to 6 uses. If you’ve never done false lashes before, I’d really suggest going to a makeup artist for your first time. I’m really glad I did, I learned a few tips along the way and with practice, I can achieve the same amazing results on my own.

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  1. I have tried to do this myself before and they always end up looking terrible. The glue gets on my fingers and then my fingertips are sticking to my eyelids. I can never get the lashes close enough to my natural line. I wonder if perhaps I can ask a local salon to place them for me. Going to MAC was a good idea.

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