New! MAC Cosmetics DSquared2 Collection

Next week MAC Cosmetics is releasing the DSquared2 collection, a collaboration with fashion duo Dean and Dan Caten based on the makeup look from their Fall/Winter 2009 runway show. This release is all about a dark sooty eye with a light lip.

I’m excited for this release because there are a few things I want to check out and stock up on. I can’t wait to see the Greasepaints and try them out. What are they like? They are teasing me by looking like a Shadestick but by naming something Greasepaint, I’m already imagining they will crease on me. Either way, I’m a willing participant.


I also want to stock up on Lip Erase, everyone should have this in their makeup arsenal. It’s the perfect base or neutralizer for a nude lip. It just makes color pop on your lips because your lip tone is evened out.  I recently made an almost 3 hour drive to Vancouver, BC for this product. If I stock up, I don’t have to make that drive unless I want to. 🙂

Here’s what’s in this collection as pictured:


  • Nude Rose Lipstick – Sheer light neutral pink (lustre)
  • Clear Gloss
  • Blood Red Lipstick – Clean deep berry (lustre)


  • Dim Lip Erase – similar to N37
  • Fuchsia Fix Tinted Lip Conditioner w/ SPF 15 – deep pink sheen


  • Accentuate/Sculpt Sculpt & Shape Powder – pale blushed beige/soft taupe brown
  • Bone Beige/Emphasize Sculpt & Shape Powder – Palest cream/tan


  • V Greasepaint – bright blue violet
  • B Greasepaint – bright yellow blue
  • Intense Black Greasepaint

This collection also features a few repromoted items, suck as the Feline Kohl Power Pencil and the #165 tapered brush, it’s perfect for cheeks and highlighting products. So what will you be picking up from the Dsquared2 collection? I’m telling you now, you need Lip Erase in your life…

5 thoughts on “New! MAC Cosmetics DSquared2 Collection”

  1. Hey Carla, Great Post…the Lip Erase is totally new to me. You say that it makes color pop on a nude lip…..does it also work as a base to hold and enhance the color of your lipstick? If you are willing to drive 3 hours to stock up on it, then it must be amazing and it has me very curious!! I may have to add it to my evergrowing list! 😉
    I’d love to see a pic of it in use because I am a little confused as to what it will do. Thx!!

    1. Hi Jessica! What I mean by this is that Lip Erase is basically like foundation for your lips so you have a new base for your color to go on and because of that, the color is going to be truer, more vibrant because its not battling your lips natural color. I’ll try to post a picture of it soon.

  2. Definitely just bought the greasepaint and the Lip erase and I’m in Love! the products go on so smoothly and the greasepaint is the easiest smokey eye in the world! Perfect for going out.

    Dan and Dean, thank you!

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