MAC for the Holidays

Every year around this time, I’m always super excited about the MAC Cosmetics holiday releases. This year they have unleashed a wonderful antique themed collections of color, palettes, brushes and gift sets. From the colors to the packaging, I was left in awe as I loved everything I put my hands on.

MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collections

Let’s get into each one, one by one…

MAC Cosmetics Antiquitease Antiquitease color is inspired by the rich colors found in antiquities. From the eyeshadows and lipsticks to the eyeliners and pigment, there is silver and gold hints throughout. In this collection you can find Gilty Kiss, Her Fancy, Antiquitease, Queen’s Sin and Budding Lust lipsticks. There’s also Red Romp, Corsette, Triffle and Majestic lipgloss. For the eyes, you have new Mineralize Eyeshadow duos in Silversmith, Earthly Riches, Engaging, Family Silver and Mi’ Lady, pigments in Gold Stroke, Your Ladyship and Sweet Sienna then the Fluidlines are in Blacktrack and Uppity, which is a yellow gold. I think this Fluidline had me the most excited of all. I love Fluidlines. Finally, your nails get a little attention as well with Vestral White and Gold Veneer nail polish.

MAC Cosmetics Heirlooms
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The Heirlooms are MAC’s annual brush sets. This year there are three sets and each one has something a little different. The first set comes in a faux python pattern canister with 5 basic brushes; 129SE, 219SE, 239SE, 266SE and 316SE. I liked how you could even use the canister to hold all of your brushes in and this is a great started set if you have yet to invest in brushes. The next set features 5 face brushes; 168SE, 187SE, 190SE and 194SE. After that you have another set of basic brushes this time in a heirloom clutch. These are the brushes that everyone should have in their arsenal like shading, crease and lining brushes. Finally, you have your eyebrushes; 209SE, 212SE, 217SE, 252SE and 275SE. This gives you everything you need to lay your foundation, contour and highlight. Even if you already have full sized brushes at home, these shorter handle brushes are great for your makeup bag on the go.

MAC Cosmetics Curiositease
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More sets! Who doesn’t love a set? Curiositease brings you all kinds of goodies; Lipglass, Lustreglass, Plushglass, Softsparkle pencils, pigments and glitter. Each set is broken down into warm and cool shades. Each lip set features 3 mini Lipglasses and 2 Lustreglasses (these are a lot of fun). Then Plushglass is on hand to plump your lips up with 5 varying shades. The pigments are a great way to experiment with different shades. Each set features 4 vials of pigments and 1 vial of glitter. The Reflects Gold and Reflects Blue can sometimes be hard to find so it may be worth checking out if you’re a fan of glitter. Finally, the Softparkle pencils all have a touch of pearl to them. As the name suggests, they are soft and easy on the eyes. They’re easy to blend too.

MAC Cosmetics Royal Assets and Viva Glamorous
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Now for the star of the show, the Royal Assets. Every year I pick up at least one of these palettes, even if I have the shades already. I do this because I’m a collector and these palettes and their packaging just keep getting better and better. I particularly love this year’s packaging, the antique look works really well here. There are four eye palettes this year; warm eyes, cool eyes, metallic eyes and smokey eyes. My favorite of the bunch is the smokey eyes palette, it’s a really versatile palette that can easily help you achieve a neutral day looks with it’s soft grey and beige and a more dramatic look with it’s more intense greys and soft browns. Of course we have the lips palettes as well in tan, coral, red and pink shades. Each palette features 2 lipsticks and 1 gloss. With these, I went for the red palette. I love Cardinal, it’s an intense red and Media is deep reddish-purple that can be fun to play with.

In addition to the tan, coral, red and pink palettes, this year MAC split up the Viva Glam palette into two separate Viva Glamorous palettes. Now the Viva Glam palettes come in warm and cool. On the warm side you have Viva Glam V and VI lipsticks and Viva Glam V gloss. As for the cool side, there’s Viva Glam II and IV lipsticks and Viva Glam VI gloss.

MAC Cosmetics Finery Last but certainly not least is Finery. This is a set of 2 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss housed in a small woven cream and metallic fabric with a molded plastic frame. These clutches are so cute but they can’t hold much more than what comes with them. This is definitely something for the MAC collector though. If you’re like me, you probably have bags from the brush or lip sets over the years. Also, the lipsticks come in a special Finery holiday casing featuring a royal crown. These sets come in plum, coral, tan and pink shades.

All in all, there’s a lot to take in with these holiday collections but I think there is something for everyone. My wish for you is that you’ll be opening up a box with some of these lovely items in them this holiday season. smile

Stay tuned throughout the day as we talk about more MAC Cosmetics collections coming out today and in the week to come.

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  1. Carla,
    I have been waiting and waiting for the curiositease collection to come out, and it finally did so today at my local MAC store. I picked up the cool lipglass/lustre glass set and I love it!!!! Excellent assortment of colors. I keep wanting to take them out of my purse just so I can look at em 🙂

  2. Finally some MAC posts! I love the holiday collection, I’m going to have to narrow down some of my choices!

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