Beauty VIP of the Week: LUSH Turkish Delight Body Polish

I love roses. I think they’re beautiful, and the scent is a favorite of mine – both in nature and in beauty products. This week, I’ve been relying on one of my favorite rosy products: LUSH Turkish Delight Body Polish. This stuff is heaven-scent. It’s intoxicatingly rosy. And incredibly moisturizing. It’s packed with jasmine and Turkish rose, almond oil, cocoa butter and neroli (an essential oil), and conditions skin like nobody’s business.

I’m able to contain dry skin in the winter but I have a bad habit of taking hot baths almost nightly because I’m so cold. Not so great for the skin, I know. So sometimes before the bath, I slather Lush Turkish Delight all over and just soak with it in the tub and when I get out, I have baby-soft skin. It’s great it in the shower too.  If I’m running behind in the morning, I’m able to skip post-shower lotion if I use this.

But back to the scent. It really is strong, but honesty, I find it a little romantic. My entire bathroom takes on the Turkish Delight aroma. I told my husband to skip the real roses for Valentine’s Day, and instead just stock me up on Turkish Delight!

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