I Wanna Hold Your Hand…LUSH Tiny Hands Serum

Do your hands need a little TLC? LUSH’s Tiny Hands Serum was created with hardworking mitts in mind. And just holding this tiny little hand in mine gave me some warm (and moisturizing) fuzzies! All you need is a moment with this solid bar in your palm and the serum melts off nearly instantly. Tiny Hands is uber-moisturizing — with argan oil, cocoa and shea butters and aloe vera. It eases dry patches or cracked cuticles in an instant.

Its scent traces back to marigold and vanilla, and is actually on the fragrant side. It’s more floral than vanilla, and I found it to be a calming aroma. Word to the wise though: don’t leave this serum baking in the sun, it will melt. For ease, I store it in one of LUSH’s silver tins and bust it out when I need a little touch of the hand!