Recommended Reading: The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style

The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style So now you know what your staples are but do you know what style you identify with? This is where this book comes in.

Lucky’s Guide to Mastering Any Style breaks down different styles like California casual, bohemian and Euro chic. It shows you examples of what pieces make up the particular style so you can get the look. It also highlights individuals who embody the particular style being shown and features stores you may be interested in.

Being a fashion challenged gal, I found this book really interesting. I liked the information that this book provided and I got some ideas that I now want to try out. Now if only I had an unlimited budget to go shopping with… 🙂

The best part about this book? We’ll be giving away 2 copies of Lucky’s Guide to Mastering Any Style. Check back with us on Monday to enter our giveaway… or follow us on Twitter to get updated the moment the giveaway starts.