Ingredient of the Moment: Pomegranate

I’m willing to try pretty much anything with the word “tea” in it. Then when you add an ingredient like pomegranate to the mix, I’m so there! I’ll take pomegranate where ever I can get it, frappuccinos, moisturizer, it does not matter.

Bodybalm Lotus Skincare has created a great body balm that combines these two ingredients and leaves your skin with a moisturized yet silky powdery feel. As the website says, this body balm is very lightweight and very emollient but the best part about this is the scent. Lotus has done a great job of pairing a delicate scent like Green Tea with one as powerful and energizing as pomegranate. They also do a great job of pairing grapefruit with pear, a scent this product is also available in. This cute little tin has taken a spot on my desk, it’s a great way to moisturize my hands while I’m working and it doesn’t leave them greasy at all.

Greentealipbalm As an added bonus, they also have co-ordinating lip balms in both scents and as well as papaya and ginger lime coconut. You’re taken care of from head to toe. You can find this product as well as other lip balms at Lotus Skincare, check them out.