L’Oreal Sublime Mousse Hair Color Not So Sublime

Lately I have been coloring my hair darker than usual. Normally I go lighter in the spring and summer but I’ve been all about rich brown hair lately. I had a box of L’Oreal Sublime Mousse I had sitting around for awhile so I decided to give it a try. I was lured in by promises of home hair coloring that’s as easy as washing your hair.

On the surface, everything appeared to be fine. The formula was did not drip at all and had a really great fresh scent to it. Usually I can count on dye on a wall or counter after coloring my hair. This time the only casualty was my carpet when I whipped my hand back and the excessive force sent a little bit of the foam flying out of my gloved hand. Otherwise, everything seemed perfect. As I was applying the foam, I got towards the bottom of the bottle and was surprised that I didn’t need another one, my hair seemed really saturated with product and I combed it through to make sure if it was distributed evenly.

When I went to wash my hair, I was surprised again. The color rinsed out super quickly. I can spend at least 10 minutes rinsing my hair out with other dyes so it was surprising that in just a few minutes I rinsed out all of Sublime. That should have been a sign, come to think of it. Then came the conditioner, what is usually my favorite part of dying my hair was a disappointment. This conditioner did not condition at all. I had to use Bumble & Bumble Crème de Coco to get the softness I wanted, which is unfortunate because the L’Oreal conditioner had a nice scent to it.

The disappointment really settled in when I went to dry my hair. The hair on top had the wonderfully dark, rich color I was looking for but as my hair dried, the strands underneath the top layer were not changed at all. This wasn’t a case of not having enough product, because I kept going even though I thought I had enough foam in my hair and I combed it through. It just remained unaffected. Fail.

I have never tried this type of at-home color before and this experience really turned me off to trying another brand’s offering. I ended up going to a salon to fix my hair color, my hair is now a luscious dark, dark brown with a touch of red. Otherwise I would have fixed Sublime’s epic fail with my favorite home color, Clairol Perfect 10. I’d pass on this, ladies.

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7 Responses to “L’Oreal Sublime Mousse Hair Color Not So Sublime”

  1. Christine says:

    I tried this too and found that the color didn’t last at all. After three weeks my grays were showing through. I had better luck with FAT Foam hair color. Unfortunately the don’t have a big color assortment.

  2. Anneke says:

    I loved using this product. I am new to coloring my hair myself and i had no trouble whatsoever. I loved it. I did use two boxes of the sublime mousse pure dark brown. I will be using color again.

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