L’Oreal’s Skin Genesis Daily Skincare

Drugstore brands really do not get enough love on Product Girl and I apologize about that, this is something I’m working on improving… really, I promise. Because of this, I was excited to try some of L’Oreals new Skin Genesis products. Every time I think of L’Oreal, I think about how cute Penelope Cruz was in Woman on Top and I want her glow.

Loreal Skin Genesis Daily Treatment Serum Concentrate The first product I tried was L’Oreal’s Skin Genesis Daily Treatment Serum Concentrate. I applied it under moisturizer as suggested and within a week of using this product, I saw noticeable changes in my skin. The serum dries quickly but it does leave skin feeling a little sticky. Seeing as how moisturizer always follows the serum, this wasn’t a big concern for me but it would be nice not to have to have this as an issue in the first place. I began seeing a change in the texture of my skin as well, the dry patches of skin I had been battling started improving. There was one aspect of using this serum that I did not like though, my skin felt oilier than it has in a long time. Within a few hours, my skin started to shine. The improvement in my skin’s dryness certainly came at a cost.

Loreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion Then I tried L’Oreal’s Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer Oil-Free Lotion, using this over their serum. I liked the texture to this product, it’s not runny but it’s thin enough to make application easy. This lotion is a little strongly scented though, sensitive noses beware. It has a floral scent to it that is a little overpowering. That didn’t bother me too much though, what really bothered me was how long this product took to absorb with the serum applied underneath. When I used this lotion as directed, it seemed as though it took at least an hour for my skin not to feel greasy. Not only that but as I mentioned, a few hours later, my skin began looking shiny. I tried using this lotion without the serum underneath and I had much better results, it sank in quickly and the shine factor was drastically reduced. I really prefer using this product on it’s own.

While there were things to like and dislike about each product, the one thing I loved in both products was the packaging. I didn’t have to put my fingers into anything and the design is so sleek that I have room on my bedside table for more stuff!