Playing with Cat Eyes

Since one of the most popular looks at the Fall fashion shows was the cat eye, I was very excited to try and emulate the look for myself. This is usually created by using a heavy liquid eyeliner, which most of the cosmetic companies out there make. Unfortunately I have found them to be messy, hard to apply and always get a nice glob of it in my eye, so I have tended to stay away from them. But since the fashion shows brought back the look, new formulas popped up on the market and I eagerly bought them up to try:

L'Oreal Mistake Proof Marker L’Oreal Mistake-Proof Marker gives you the choice to design a soft or dramatic liner look for your eyes. It comes with an exclusive slanted applicator. The flow is supposedly controlled and continuous, so you can easily follow the contour of the eye. Unfortunately, I did not find this the case. It was very hard on the eyelid in terms of drawing the actual line and the marker tip itself was not very soft. The line was not easily a continuous one, it came out choppy if you weren’t careful. You have to make sure to pull the eye taut to make a nice line, but this was very difficult to use, and since it is liquid, it was very hard to erase the mistakes that inevitably were all over my eyes. On the upside, if you get the hang of this liner, it is all day wear, water resistant and won’t smudge or fade.

Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner Pen The next liner I tried was the Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Liner Pen. After L’oreal didn’t go as well as I thought, I bought this one, determined to get the look down. This is a felt –tip liner in an easy to hold mini tube. Cover Girls’ version is hands down much easier to apply and the applicator is very soft and feels nice on the eyelid. To get a dark look, you might have to go over the line a couple times, as it applies a bit on the lighter side, but better light than too much right? This pen was definitely much more user-friendly than the L’Oreal one.

Bottom line is that I am usually very good about my makeup application. However, this look evades me. You must have steady hands and a good grasp of the application process. For some reason, I cannot get my line straight at all. Just remember, if you are going for this look, please keep the rest of the makeup easy and light, so your eyes are the only thing that stand out.

2 thoughts on “Playing with Cat Eyes”

  1. try the gel eyeliners that come in pots with a somewhat stiff eyeliner brush. (I use an almost black color from MAC and it comes out great.)

  2. Clinique also makes some great cream liners in pots. They have regular edition shades (black, brown) but also a bunch of new, limited fall and holiday colours with some (very wearable and gorgeous) sparkle. Hope this helps!

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