My L’Oreal Feria Hair Dying Party

L'Oreal Feria L’Oreal recently asked a few blogs if they would be interesting in hosting a hair dying party in honor of L’Oreal Feria’s new and improved formula and their bold new look.

I was lucky enough to receive the invitation and I accepted. I’m glad I did because my friends and I had a lot of fun and some of us have a new look to boot. We all had different objectives when it came to dying our hair but in the end I think the results were all great.

We had a great time! L’Oreal was kind enough to provide us with the dye, black hair towels, goodie bags filled with enough L’Oreal makeup to last us the next few years and refreshments for the evening. We played with our makeup, sipped some wine, had some pizza then spread out in my dining room and kitchen dying our hair while we chatted. It was a fun way to have a girls night.

Alana Dying Her Hair at the L'Oreal Feria party Jenny Dying Her Hair at the L'Oreal Feria party Desirae Drying Her Hair at the L'Oreal Feria party

I was happy to see that L’Oreal Feria wasn’t runny at all. I had laid out all my “dying towels” and was dressed in my “dying shirt” prepared to get dirty but really didn’t have anything drip down on to them at all. I was impressed with how the dye stayed in place as it was on and saved me some laundry duty in the end. As for shine and conditioning, the new Built-In Silk & Shimmer Conditioning Technology certainly did it’s job. The shine is definitely there and my hair has not felt this soft and silky since I got my highlights months ago.

Want to see our “before and after” shots?

I have to apologize for these pictures in advance, it wasn’t very good thinking on my part to take our before pictures outside. The lighting wasn’t too good in the apartment though. Plus it was a nice afternoon and I had my camera in hand so it is what it is…

This is Alana and her main objective was to cover up her gray. You may be asking “what gray” but like me, her gray is a little undercover. She chose #51- Brazilian Brown, a shade a little darker than the color she had before so it was a subtle change but it did it’s job and banished her gray.

This is Desirae and she opted to go with a shade that was drastically different from her current shade. She chose #45 – Deep Bronzed Brown and I think it was a great choice. To top it off, we played with some of the makeup L’Oreal sent along. I used True Match foundation on her face, a little Bare Naturale as a bronzer/blush, HIP Jelly Balm in Plush on her lips and HIP Bright Shadow Duos in Riotous on her eyes. Now I’m only a wannabe makeup artist but she claims she liked it. 🙂 What do you think? Did I do ok?

This is Jenny and she wanted to cover up her gray and touch up her roots. She went with #62 – Light Iridescent Brown and her mission was accomplished. Along with Alana, Jenny’s hair didn’t really change that much but sometimes dying your hair is all about maintenance, covering up your gray and touching up your roots so that’s exactly what Jenny did.

Now here’s my before and after shot. I chose #68 – Rich Auburn. I was a little hesitant about covering up my blonde and caramel highlights. I started sporting them around Memorial Day and I was at the point where I really needed to go in for a touch up or do something else. I chose to do something else and go with a darker color for the fall. The change was a bit shocking for me at first but now I’m really loving it and thinking of ways to jazz up the red.

So that’s it! What do you think of our transformations?