Look Thinner in an Instant This Summer

If you’re worried about your wobbly tummy or curvaceous bottom – fear not! The right attire can flatter your figure, so here’s how to look thinner in an instant.

Dress for your body shape
Whether you’re a size 22 or a size 12, it’s essential to show off your body shape. Select clothes that enhance your silhouette and don’t squeeze into anything too small – as this will make you look bigger. Wear a structured jacket to disguise a flabby torso, stick to A-line skirts if you hate your thighs and wear belts to show off a slender middle – it’s that simple. Many clinics offer tummy tuck surgery, however, a well-stocked wardrobe can work wonders too.

Wear the right underwear
Massive melons can make you look bigger than you actually are, so why not buy a minimizing bra? These fantastic boulder holders will keep your puppies under control and will help you wear glamorous tops with confidence. Breast reduction surgery can improve your assets, but the right lingerie can shape, mould and lift your jugs. While you’re in the underwear store, grab some support pants (AKA Bridget Jones knickers) too. They might not be the most attractive things in the world, but they’ll help slim you down.

Stand up straight
According to experts, you can get a flat tummy naturally by standing up straight, so give it a go. Elongate your spine, hold your head up high and pull your tummy muscles in tight. A good posture can increase your confidence and should improve your core strength – what could be better? If you feel yourself slouching around at work, try putting a cushion behind your back to keep yourself upright.

Wear heels
If you love high heeled shoes – you’re in luck. Stilettos can elongate your frame, so get shopping today. Opt for something that matches your skin tone and your legs will seem longer than ever. If you’re worried about towering over your friends, go for little kitten heels as these will still improve your figure

Drop pounds instantly by adding a few extra items to your wardrobe.