Save your Strands with Living Proof Restore

Just because its beach weather, doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. Sun, heat, salt and chlorine all are cuticle killers. Just examine your strands after a day at the beach or pool and you will see the stress in your hair. Especially if you try to work a brush or comb through it in the moment (I’ve learned my lesson doing that – DON’T!) Adding to the summer stressors, I’ve also been giving my hair a lot of heat lately with various curling wands and my newest obsession, the Beachwaver.  Great waves, but my ends are thirsty. Luckily, there is a secret weapon in my arsenal that women everywhere NEED on standby. From none other than Living Proof, of course. They’ve taken their nourishing Restore line, previously Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask Treatment, and added three products to save your hair from stress and bring it back to health.

Restore Revitalizing Spray with Heat and UV Defense ($26) – Perfect for dry + damaged hair, defends against heat and UV damage. Just spray on wet or dry hair to protect your strands from the sun.

Restore Targeted Repair Cream ($28) Fights breakage and helps seal split ends while restructuring and reinforcing weakened hair strands. Think of this as a protein shake for your strands.

Restore Recovery Regimen ($38) This is for intensive hair repair — strengthening the most damaged hair (a.k.a. over-processed). Living Proof claims this regimen will make your hair 20x stronger.

The science behind Restore is Living Proof’s “miracle molecule” which creates a weightless shield around each strand of hair to protect compromised cuticles and regulate moisture levels. The 20x stronger comes in after just 14 days. They promise it will do the trick, and even launched a fun 14-day “Restore the Love” challenge on Facebook. Check it out, maybe win a Canyon Ranch Vacation, and of course, make your plan to save your strands this summer!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!