Even Saints Wear Lipstick

Earlier in the month I told you about how much I was loving Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen Sinner lipstick. Since then I’ve become obsessed with trying out the rest of her products and Lipstick Queen Saint lipstick is my most recent acquisition.

Lipstick Queen Saint is a sheer lipstick with 10% pigment in comparison to her Sinner lipsticks which are packed with 90% pigment. If the pigment in the Sinners is overwhelming, the Saints are right up your alley.

The color is soft but still noticeable and it builds as you glide the lipstick on your lips. I picked up Nude Saint, the same shade I picked up in a Sinner and was happy that this color really was a “your lips but better” shade on me. It went on smoothly, moisturized my lips and imparted a soft shine… plus I didn’t feel the need to add any gloss on top.

Not only that but I was pretty happy with how the lipstick wore on. I made it to mid-day with some color. With any sheer lipstick, that’s to be expected but most do not seem to go the distance like Lipstick Queen Saint does.

My only dilema at this point is which shades do I pick up next?

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