Luxurious Lippmann Collection for Fall

With temperatures dropping soon, I am really looking forward to fall fashion and beauty. We’ve seen a fun nail-color trend in the past few years – the “it” hues went from blood red (Chanel’s Vamp), to navy blue (Chanel’s Blue Satin), and even black (you name em!). This season is no exception and Lippmann Collection’s Fall lineup is not following trends but creating them.

Lippmann Fall Collection 2008

Fade to Black reminds me of the records my parents used to have (anyone remember those? I feel old). It’s a shiny, slick, almost wet black. This color made its debut at the Zac Posen Fall runway show and is sure to be a staple for any good girl who wants to go bad for a night.

Channel your inner 80’s girl with Pump Up The Jam, my favorite shade of the bunch. Although named after the famous Technotronic party song, this color is really regal, rich, and modern – a dark purple with gold shimmer. The shade almost looks like an off-black until held up in sunlight, where the shimmer and pretty purple come alive.

Stop and Stare is a gorgeous, shiny, classic red. Named after the OneRepublic hit, you’ll find that this sexy color wears well and goes with everything in your closet.

An unexpected frosty white lacquer is called Rhapsody in White. Interestingly opaque and frosty, Rhapsody can be a fun shade, especially to achieve a clean, neutral look on hands. I tried this and found that it was a tad stark for my pink skin tone.

Lippmann Collection polishes are extremely high quality, longwearing, and do not dry out nails like other polishes do. They actually contain good-for-you ingredients like green tea extract and biotin. One plus that I have noticed is that the colors are so concentrated and rich, I rarely even need a second coat. Pick up a bottle at your local Barney’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom or Bath and Body Works (flagship stores only).

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