Jelly Coated Nails

When I first heard of jelly finish polishes, I didn’t really pay much attention as I’m not really in the sheer look on my nails. It wasn’t until I tried I Want Candy from the Lippman Collection that I started seeing why jelly finishes can be a lot of fun.

Lippmann Collection's Rehab Nail Polish Each coat of a jelly polish goes on sheer but as you build up the color with each coat, it becomes more and more opaque. It took me 4 coats of color and lots of patience to get the kind of color I liked on my nails. I started using this product in I Want Candy but it was when I tried Rehab that I really fell in love with this type of formula. Rehab is a dark blue and it just looks gorgeous on nails as you layer each coat. We even played around and layered this on top of metallic finish polishes and it gives those shades a really nice look. Michelle at All Lacquered Up has some really good shots of these polishes in action.

Don’t they look like fun? You can find more on these two shades here.

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