Fresh Pout

Fusion Beauty Full Out Pout Set On a recent trip to Nordstrom’s, I was stopped and asked if I wanted to try Fusion Beauty’s new lip plumping lip color and gloss. Being a Fusion Beauty newbie, I said yes. The sales assistant went on to apply LipFusion Color Shine in Fresh on top of a layer of LipFusion Lip Plumping Pencil in Pout. I was really happy with the results, the color was very soft and neutral but with a megawatt shine. I loved the color but I wasn’t so crazy about the price. At $28 for the lip pencil and $38 for the lipgloss, the price was an instant turn off. It was sad but I walked away from this new love. Imagine my surprise when I’m looking through Sephora and I see the exact shades I tried in a set for a much better price. Sephora now has the Full Out Pout Set for $49. It’s still not a bargain but it’s a much more wallet friendly price.