Coming Soon: Les Khakis De Chanel Nail Collection

Big news, Chanel fans. To celebrate Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out on September 10 during New York Fashion Week, Chanel is releasing its newest nail collection sensation: Les Khakis De Chanel. Shown above from left to right, the collection includes: Khaki Rose, Khaki Vert and Khaki Brun.  If I’m looking in my crystal ball, Khaki Vert is going to be the new “it” shade. It almost reminds me of “Sew Psyched” from Essie Fall. I’m happy to see a new muted neutral enter the spectrum. Perhaps this green-beige hybrid will be called “greenge.”

Any of these shades calling out to you? How about after seeing these swatches? If you’re me, and all three are, take careful note: each retails for $25.

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Les Khakis De Chanel Nail Collection”

  1. Thanks to Chanel for trying, but all these colors look sickly to me! Perhaps they look better on the actual nail than in the bottle. The Chanel polish popularity is often a mystery to me ~ they do have some lovely shade but many of the ones that sell out aren’t colors I’d wear.

    1. You wouldn’t wear Khaki Rose? I see your point too. I did not get the Black Satin thing for the life of me but in terms of quality, I have no problem with Chanel polishes at all. I know some people who have problems with them chipping quite a bit but on me they are fine. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

  2. You do raise some good points! I often fall hard for many Chanel colors – but it isn’t the best polish on the market by far. I think they are having an excellent year though — between Particuliere and Paradoxal and now the buzz these are getting. We’ll post a follow-up review if we end up getting any of these shades.

  3. Goya – I think Khaki Brun might have more similarity with Particuliere – but that was more in the grey side of the spectrum. Khaki Rose definitely has more of a red undertone. Do you like wearing these shades?

    And thank you Beauty Bofin! Let us know if you do try these.

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