Leaf and Water Holistic Skincare

I wish I could sit here and tell you I’m a seasoned pro with facials, I really am not. Before this, I’ve had one bona fide spa facial in my life and I was an experience I’ll never forget even though it was years and years ago. Not many gals get a chance to have a facial at the Clarins Institute in Paris but luckily I did. When the gals at Spa Week invited me to get a facial at a local spa as part of National Spa Week (happening right now until April 22nd!), I jumped at the chance. I wanted to re-live that experience and leave the spa completely relaxed and without a care in the world. That’s exactly what happened when I left Leaf and Water Holistic Skincare.

Having a facial with Holly Luedke at Leaf and Water Holistic Skincare was an experience I’ll be repeating and I can’t wait for that to happen. The spa was small and intimate, a great environment that immediately made me feel at ease and relaxed. Holly is a licensed Naturopathic Aesthetician (one of the few in my area) and started Leaf and Water in 2007 with a philosophy that beautiful skin is healthy skin and that healthy skin is best achieved via natural methods. As I am progressing towards more natural products, both makeup and skincare, this was intriguing to me. We began our time together with an overview on how Leaf and Water works, which included an intake of my skincare concerns then started the facial.

I have to admit, I went in with some concerns about how professional strength natural products would work during the facial. I walked into Leaf and Water eager to see what products would be available on the shelves, as someone frequently perusing the skincare aisles at Whole Foods, I expected to see something familiar. I quickly realized I did not recognize any of the products displayed and that I had a lot more to learn about natural products than I thought. I walked in with preconceived notions that were quickly shattered. As Holly was working on my skin, she filled me in on what she was doing and gave me a chance to feel my skin every step of the way. By the time she applied an oat peel on my skin, I was a believer. My skin was unbelievably smooth and soft to the touch, I wanted my skin to feel that way forever! Those rough and dry patches I was having trouble with were eradicated. My favorite part of the facial was when she started the steamer. She scented the steam with jasmine and I couldn’t get enough of it. Since then I’ve picked my own facial steamer. 🙂

If you’re in Seattle and want to experience a holistic facial for National Spa Week, call Leaf and Water immediately. I cannot say enough good things about my experience. It surpassed my previous facial. Holly took the time to educate me about my skin, she taught me things I didn’t even know… and I thought I knew plenty after beauty blogging for over 6 years. She is extremely knowledgeable and wants to help you improve your skin. If your regime is not improving your skin, she can work with you on a nutritional plan that can help. Leaf and Water is about holistic skincare, inside and out. Not only that but she is quite the product developer. She has created a mineral concealer and sunscreen that are amazing, her concealer is my new best friend. If you visit Holly, make sure you try it!

Treat yourself to some time at the spa this week, the $50 treatments are a great way to pamper yourself and relax. Just go to Spa Week’s website and search for a spa in your area to book your appointment. This was my first time taking part in Spa Week and it will not be my last.

Have you indulged in Spa Week before? What kinds of treatments did you experience? I want to hear all about it!