Dreams Are Made of This

Normally I do not write about this kind of thing but I had an interesting shopping experience last week so I wanted share it. Lea and I went to Nordstrom on Monday to look around as we often do. We usually spend the most time in Beauty but I wandered over into the Lingerie section intrigued by the gorgeous bras and before I knew it, I was being fitted. Did you know that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size?

I was a little apprehensive of having someone in a dressing room with me. Like Miranda, I have a “no visitors” policy in the dressing room so this was a little awkward for me. Danielle, the sales assistant at the Seattle Northgate Mall Nordstrom, was marvelous though… go see her if you’re in the area. I felt like I was on How to Look Good Naked with the lighting and the mirrors but she did the most amazing job of putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable with each fitting. She explained what I should look for in a bra and how the right size band can help get rid of unsightly “back fat”. She was very sweet, I left with a new bra size and feeling that this may have been the best shopping experience I’ve ever had at Nordstrom.

Le Mystere Dream Lace Tisha Bra So what did I buy? Well, in the last week I’ve spent way too much money on bras but there is one that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s the Le Mystere Dream Lace Tisha Bra. A version of this bra was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2003 but this one is a little more feminine and what’s not to like about lace? Normally I don’t do well with underwire, for a fuller gal like myself it can be a challenge sometimes, but this bra was comfortable and gave me great support. It was nice to find a bra that didn’t dig into my sides and is actually flattering. I went back to an older bra the day after I wore this one all day for the first time and I felt like something was missing.

The downside with this bra is that it’s pretty pricey. They say that you should have a bra for every day of the week and at that rate, I would have to spend the equivalent of 1 month’s rent on bras. It seems ridiculous to even say that but sometimes a well made bra is worth it. Since I developed this new bra obsession, I’ve seen a few sales on a few sites so I’m going to keep an eye on them and slowly but surely stock up. Before I know it, my everyday bras will be replaced and from then on, it’s all gravy lace. 🙂