"Bonne Mine" Glow for Spring with Laura Mercier Sheer Crème Colour

Bonne Mine, a.k.a. Healthy Glow. Remember when Laura Mercier released the Bonne Mine Palette filled with glow-inducing Sheer Crème Colours? That was a good one, and lucky for “bonne mine-seekers” like ourselves, it is still available as are three new shades. Part of the Portfolio Animation collection (the one with the makeup version of a trapper keeper!), three new, yet limited edition, Sheer Crème Colour compacts are available:

  • Pearl Glow Veil
  • Pink Cheek Veil
  • Bronze Veil

    L-R: Pearl, Pink, Bronze

All are delightfully sheer, with a smooth powder-like finish. And *bonus* — they are finger friendly. In fact, that’s my preferred method of application. I love the rosy gold Pearl Glow Veil. I actually use it as a blush. The swatches show it pretty heavy, but lightly blended onto the cheek gives a really pretty effect that is so subtle…so “bonne mine.”

These are available now at counters and Laura Mercier online!