Laura Mercier Secret Volume I – Flawless Lips

During the holidays, I was all about this Laura Mercier Laura’s Secrets Volume 1 – Flawless Lips set. I even drove to 3 Sephora’s trying to get it because I like instant gratification… you probably know by now that I am not a big online shopper. After the holidays, I started getting into the new spring stuff so this set and I lost touch, it wasn’t something I would reach for because I had other new, shiny things to play with. Well, what do you know? I found it again when I was in the midst of organizing and I thought I better write about it so you can get in on this Laura Mercier lip love fest before it’s gone!

Oh how I love this limited edition set, let me count the ways. First, it has a lip stain quad! Now, this isn’t your traditional lip stain… I’m not sure that I would even call it a stain but what it does do is give lips long lasting color. It’s creamy and will stay creamy on your lips, it will not dry out like some long wearing lip colors. At it’s core, it’s still a lipstick. I really like the shades in this quad, I find myself using Shy Pink the most but I also like to wear Sugar Violet a bit sheered out. You have a few different looks to rock with this quad.

Second, the set also includes full sizes of Laura Mercier’s Lip Balm with SPF 20 and Lip Glacé in Pink Diamond then an almost full-sized Lip Pencil in Chestnut and a double-ended lip brush. Chestnut is the perfect pencil for this set because it can work with all of the shades in quad, even Shy Pink if used lightly enough. The Pink Diamond Lip Glacé is also a great shade for this set because it is light and sheer enough that it can add great depth to a shade like Shy Pink or lighten shades like Mulberry or Mocha. It is a soft pink with a multi-dimensional pearl to it. The set also has some instructed that help you achieve the Laura Mercier Flawless Lip but honestly, I can’t even tell you what it is on it because I didn’t even keep it. I know what to do with this set and how I want to do it! 😉

Third, I really like this little bag. It is well constructed so I don’t have to worry about protecting what’s inside is something falls on top of my makeup bag in my bag… which happens a lot because I carry my world in my bag. The pocket in the front is great for keeping the lip brush in since it was not built into the palette and I can still fit quite a few things in the main compartment. I don’t really need another makeup bag but this one is a keeper.

  • Mocha – rich milk chocolate
  • Shy Pink – light natural pink
  • Sugar Violet – deep rosy mauve
  • Mulberry – deep berry red

The last photo has a bit of a blue cast to it that I couldn’t edit out but hopefully it gives you a good idea of what the shades look like as well as the picture of the quad. I’d show you the gloss but guess what? I cannot find it to save my life. Can you see the slight blue shimmer to Sugar Violet? It is such a pretty shade. I’m excited to see how many volumes Laura Mercier will be releasing in this series. Her new Laura’s Secrets Volume 2 – Flawless Brightened Eyes would tempt me if I didn’t own everything in that set already.

Did you pick this up when it went on sale, or am I the only one loving this set?