Four Ways to Use Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance

Laura Mercier welcomed a new addition to her family of primers recently. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance joins Original, Oil-Free, Mineral and Hydrating to give you one more option in creating a Flawless Face. This may be the most versatile primer yet from the Laura Mercier clan. Why, yes, it is a foundation primer, but we assure you, there’s much more to Radiance. And with winter’s drab effects, this is the one to add to your beauty routine now. Here, we break down four ways to put Radiance to work for you.

Radiance Swatch (blended at top)

1. As a foundation primer. I know, captain obvious here. But the most direct way to use Radiance is as a base for your foundation. The pearly hue gives skin a healthy glow, but doesn’t leave behind any color. It works under any foundation, and will help it wear more evenly and longer. I especially love it under a dusting of my Bobbi Brown Skin Mineral Foundation, because the pearly hue seems to peek through.

2. Over makeup. Consider this method the “post-foundation” primer. I take a small, duo-fibre brush (this one is Sonia Kashuk) and blend a small amount on my cheekbones and anywhere I’d normally apply highlighter. The luminizing effect of looks very natural over makeup. This + bronzer as a contour is a secret weapon. Do this and no one will accuse you of looking “tired.”

3. Mixed in with your moisturizer. Typically, I apply primer over moisturizer and sunscreen, but there’s no reason not to mix a drop of Radiance in with your moisturizer. Especially if you aren’t into applying a primarily separately. Consider it a time saver and a radiance-booster. Oh, and do yourself a major favor, and apply this on your neck. It gives a soft focus.

4. Blended with liquid blush. Adding Radiance to any liquid blush or bronzer is like a DIY-illuminator.  I tried it with Benefit Posie Tint (mixed the two on the back of my hand) and the result on my cheek was gorgeous. Another time saver. No need to apply a separate highlighting product.

During my very thorough, every which way possible testing of Laura Mercier Radiance, I combined all four steps at one time. While it was probably a bit much (in terms of product use), the results were not over the top. The fact that I got so much mileage out of a primer — a product that much of the population doesn’t even use — is amazing. This is not your average makeup base, which is very clear from the second this hits your skin.

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