The Must-Have Item from Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau Collection

I’m absolutely captivated by the campaign images for Laura Mercier’s Belle Nouveau Summer 2012 collection. There’s something so hippie flower chick with a side of 80s rollergirl about it. I’m drawn to a few things, though. The tips, courtesy of the limited edition (and really hard to find, trust me) Lavender Cloud nail polish, for sure, and then the eyes. Seeing this I NEED to wear green eyes like that. The product to make that happen? Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Eye Colour in Aqua Pastel, an extremely on-trend mint part liquid/part cream eyeshadow.

I tried to wear green eyes like that, and while I think anything goes for makeup, I find that I like it more subtle. I find Aqua Pastel so wearable for everyday, and remain amazed by its brightening capabilities.

Aqua Pastel on the eyelids

The beauty of the Sheer Creme Eye Colour formula is how much you can do with them. Layer them for more intensity, sheer out for a light wash, wear as a base and, importantly, wear WITHOUT a base (they don’t budge!) These are the kind of products that get us excited. It dries down to a fresh matte and there’s no shimmer in sight. No hating on the shimmer — lord knows we love it — but this product is so much more interesting without. And for the color-tenative, there are two more subtle shades, Grey Pastel and Mauve Pastel (which is much more of a lavender, really).

L-R: Aqua Pastel, Mauve Pastel, Grey Pastel, unblended and then sheered out
 We deem it a MUST to own at least one of these colors. I guarantee it to be unique in your makeup bag and the formula is literally made for summertime. $22 at Laura Mercier.

5 thoughts on “The Must-Have Item from Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau Collection”

  1. This is absolutely a must have. Cream eye colour works best on me because it stays longer than other eye colour types. Pastels are in for me this summer, the shades are so welcoming.

  2. Thank you for the laugh today! I worked in a store for a while and when you reached a certain sales goal you got a free gift. This gift was all the stuff that were either unused testers or just things that did not sell, etc. One day I met the goal and chose one lonely little brand new nail polish. I just looked at it and it just happens to be Laura Mercier Lavender Cloud. I still can’t stop laughing as, if you knew me, you would find that I have the worst luck in the world. I finally got a winner!

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