Sponsored Post: Lashipix – Clinically Proven Eyelash Growth

Lashipix is an independently and clinically proven eyelash growth serum (tested by AMA Laboratories). While there are multiple eyelash and eyebrow enhancers to choose from online, only the best products have taken the time and resources needed to independently and clinically prove that their formula works: Lashipix is one such product.

The difference between Lashipix and other “eyelash enhancers,” is that Lashipix actually grows the eyelashes and or eyebrows which results in longer, thicker, and more dramatic eyelashes or eyebrows. Other “eyelash enhancers” on the other hand, simply enhance the existing hair follicles and are basically over-priced mascara.

Lashipix costs $69.95 for a single tube or a buy 2, get 1 free special for $139.00. To purchase Lashipix, please follow this link: Buy Lashipix.

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