A Tale of Two Perfumes

Some fragrances are not always wearable year round, for me and maybe for quite a few of you as well, the perfume I wear will vary based on the season. Meet one of my summer loves and one of my future fall loves.

Tresor_sheer_1 Tresor Sheer is a new twist on a Lancome classic fragrance. When I first smelled this perfume, I was a little surprised that there wasn’t more of the classic Tresor fragrance in this perfume but I did like what I was smelling. Tresor Sheer is cheery floral fragrance that is somewhat reminiscent of the original Tresor. It features fruity notes of black currant, clementine and red currant and then floral notes of camellia and peach flower. To finish it off, it also has a soft touch of musk that features sandalwood, cedarwood and a hint of vanilla. All in all, this is a very sultry floral fragrance.

Hypnose_1 Fall will be here before you know it and Hypnose will be in heavy rotation at that time. It’s not a new fragrance, it was only introduced in February of this year but there’s a very good reason why this is already a Lancome best seller… it smells amazing! I was drooling over this perfume for weeks before it came out, wishing the Lancome counter wouldn’t tease me with it. With notes of passion flower, vanilla and jasmine, this is a great warmer fragrance for fall when temperatures begin to cool down. I can’t help but feel a little alluring when I put this on.

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