P.S. Kiss

Did you see the lovely Erika of Makeup Bag wearing this lipstick? That picture made me lust after this lipstick immediately and this time, I will not pass it up.

Lancome's PS Kiss Lipstick Starting October 1st, Lancome’s newest Pout-a-Porter lipstick will be available at Nordstrom stores. Finally, a store I can go to and pick this up at. I missed out on Benhaz Red and Proenza Pink but this time I will be in line at my local Nordstrom’s on Monday picking this up. This gorgeous red was created by the amazing Miss Gucci Westman and Peter Som for his Fall 2007 Fashion Show. P.S Kiss is the perfect combination of a bright red and a dark burgundy lipstick, so it’s a very universal red. Lancome’s Pout-a-Porter collaborations have created quite a stir among beauty junkies, I’m sure the next release will as well… can’t wait to see what Ms. Westman will do next.

You can pick this up for $24.00 now or on eBay after it’s sold out for much more so get on the list!